My exploration concentrares primarily toward the phenomenon of the construction of reality, like symbols, sign, structure. Next to historical areas, I am mainly concerned with question of human desire or myth as they manifest themselves in private and public spheres. The intermedia works and interdisciplinary way of working are intended to scrutinize our traditional conception and perception of reality. Research-based installations, photography and sculpture explore how artificial phenomena construct our contemporary reality or perceptions of that reality. Transparent, poetic, mostly minimal—my works of art offer translations of my personal biography and experience.¬ Silke Koch

Short bio: Silke Koch (b. 1964 in Leipzig, Germany), like many others of her generation, experienced life in a new reality after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Symbols, heroes, political systems and even simple dichotomies of "good or evil" lost their meanings or became contradictory and paradoxical as new perceptions evolved regarding culture and politics. This was also an exciting starting point for Koch, who first embarked on her studies at the Leipzig School of Art only in 1993, graduating in 1998, and sealing it with a master-degree in 2003 with Prof. Astrid Klein as her mentor.

Silke Koch’s site-specific art works have a special merit in the variety of ways they formulate questions concerning art history, local history, sociology, and cultural studies. Her intermedia works and interdisciplinary way of working are provocative and intended to scrutinise our traditional conception and perception of reality in an always amazing and fascinating way. It is astonishing how the artist manages to sensitise the viewer to processes that are unexpected to his or her 'reality': ¬ Jeannette Stoschek, chief curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig