three men They have a parade and tractor pulls. They have that little train… and then they hide money in straw. Yeah, they had that. And you‘ve got to find it. They had the turtle race. That’s right. They had a turtle race. I don’t know how many people show up, 500 to 1000. It really goes two days, really. It’s two days. single man It starts on a Friday night and lasts all day Saturday and then on Sunday morning we have a church service. single woman We have a beer garden in the community center. We serve beer on Friday evenings and then on Saturday morning we have a parade – a kiddy parade, and then a parade with floats in it, and there are like German /Russian foods that they sell, and then in the afternoon we have adult games and children’s games, and we have a dance on Saturday night, and the firemen usually have a supper. single man The beer garden is just inside a big, a large metal building. They‘re celebrating the harvest, the end of harvest and a good harvest hopefully, and they drink a little beer and dance a little bit, have a good time. single man Well, this year they had it on the 4th of July. single man It‘s usually the last full weekend in September. A special anniversary or something, or an old school reunion and then it’s in June or July. three men There were some ... (Auszug)

New Leipzig– Home Of Oktoberfest Videoscript 9 min., 2006/7